Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello from the Sfémonster!

Hello everyone!
My name is Sfé and I am brand new to PROJECT MONSTER! For years I've been designing monsters of all shapes and sizes, so this blog is basically my DREAM BLOG- I'm super thrilled to be posting here!

I FIGURED that since I'm new I'd get the ball rolling by posting the first part of a project that I started last year called the Monster Menagerie. The idea is that this project will catalogue all the monster designs that I've come up with over the year- Thus far the menagerie is in its 5th installment, but I have plans for at least 4 more before I get 'em all drawn (and I keep designing more and more monsters, so WHO KNOWS, maybe it will never be completed!).

You can see the rest of the menageries (plus lots more monsters and mayhem) on my DeviantART account- or, you can save yourself some searching and check out the original monster menagerie (plus four more!) right here.

And then, just so that I don't leave ya'll short-changed with a bunch of old reposts and hyperlinks, here is something I finished JUST TODAY as an icon for my LiveJournal - one of my monster designs based off of the Jabberwocky mentioned in the Lewis Carroll poem!

(He's all squished up to fit the 100x100 dimensions of an icon, thus the squirmy-wormy pose.)

Man, but let me say again that I am super thrilled to be here! This blog is mega inspiring- ya'll are making me want to draw a million times more monsters! :D


  1. Welcome to the blog Sfemonster!! I am very glad that you're excited to be here. I mean a blog is only as good and active as its members so having a member like you is prefect. I couldn't ask for more. So glad to have aboard.

    Aaish'ya Lady's legs are so freaking cool and it's even cooler that she can walk on water.

  2. Aw man, thanks for the super nice welcome! :D I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled to be part of such an awesome blog full of such awesome, talented people!

    I'm glad you like the Aaish'ya Lady's freaky legs. I imagine they are the delicate, most dantiest of walkers. (: