Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nudibranch / Sea Slug

Hey guys! Here's a new monster for the blog. This pudgy dude is roughly based off of a nudibranch/sea slug. He's not quite as slug like and you can see his brain whereas you can not see a nudibranch's brain. But nonetheless, this is what happened after I looked at tons of nudibranch pics. And his brain was based off of brain corel. Click of the link if you don't know what nudibranches are. They're adorable little sea creatures.


  1. Very cool! The brain is a nice detail. I like nudibranches, even though I still giggle at the name sometimes (so mature). Those colors look good together. I think it'd be neat to see a variation of him with some wild pattern on his body like his inspiration

  2. I was going to put some sort of markings on him but most of them would be on his back and you can't really see his back in the pose that I drew him in so I just didn't bother adding a pattern.